Let’s see what is it about

We believe everyone has a voice, some are excellent storytellers and some are great story writers. But not everyone is a outspoken speaker & also not everyone is a beautiful deep novelist, Is that’s right ?

What do you do when your words are more and the spaces are less, when twitter is small for an expression & Facebook is too social for your voice. Insta is only for happy faces, music , dance & promotions. Quora is just for Q & A (BTW It’s really awesome). The list can go on and on….

There is a writer in all of us who feels “twitter is too less for me” and “ Hey I’m not a professional writer bro”. Not everyone wants to be a novelist or columnist right? There are many like us who just wants to write anything, a notion, a story or a thought, that need not to be a trending topic or allow society to abuse me or spark a controversy. Sometime we wish to write something that can be as silly as “my cat eat a rat today“ to “This gadget is awesome”.

YES, We at The Blue pocket are of the opinion of that all human beings has this amazing ability to write or express their thought without being judged or questioned. We are trying to allow every individual to !! write their heart out !! on everything that you believe needs to reach someone partial like you or as dumb as you (Hahaha, just ignore this line).

So, come and join the community of these amazing bunch of people who just wants to write and never be judged for anything.


Siddharth Nikhra

What’s with the name ?

Why blue pocket ?

Ok, tell me where do you keep or have been keeping your most important things in a day-today life ? Your phone, a pen, your bill, cash, an identity proof, a wallet or perhaps a note ?? The answer must be your pocket right !!!

So our philosophy is pretty simple, think of a lifetime and I bet you have kept all of your secrets chits , all the money, all the letters, GFs/BF phone numbers, travel tickets etc. in your tiny little pocket. So pockets are very important part of everyone’s life.

Now why blue …???? Generations have been fascinated by this amazing discovery of a blue coloured materials which can be used as a wearable named “Jeans”. Everyone wears a jeans and 99% of them comes with shades of blue, so your probability to use a blue pocket to keep you stuff is very very high. Thus the name came as “The Blue Pocket”.

And this is our objective to write, may be, the smallest or the most important things in your life, views that mattered to you, thoughts that are critical for you & knowledge that you can carry with you around anywhere and anytime. 

Team The Blue Pocket