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Plitvice National Park in Croatia is a wonder where one gets to witness the beauty of the

nature and surround oneself in all its glory. It is an experience of serenity and amazement as

one undertakes one of the many scenic trails in the park. The message in the picture above

reminds tourists to be mindful of the damage they might inadvertently cause to the fragile ecosystem of the Plitvice National Park.

Quote at Plitvice National Park in Croatia

Call it the intoxication of fresh air or the enchantment of nature, my mind instantly connected

to a higher spirit as I set foot in the park and this message resonated with me with a deeper

meaning about life than it was originally intended. To me, the message read as

Take nothing but empowering experiences,

Leave nothing but a legacy of service devoted to higher ideals

And use nothing but time – mindfully and purposefully

An inspirational philosophy for life! And in this short blog, I’d like to share how I interpreted

this message with the hope that it might also resonate with you

Take Nothing but empowering experiences

The only thing we can really take from life is the experiences that it has to offer us. There is

really nothing else that we bring to this world and nothing else that we leave with. And our

attitude is the lens that we choose to interpret an experience. All the struggles we face, all the

difficult circumstances we endure– everything is a part of the deal called life. Despite the

external circumstances and outer perceptions, the internal interpretation and the meaning we

attach to the experiences is always under our control. Of all the rocks life throws at us, we

have the power to choose which ones we use to build our castle and which we discard away.

Ability to frame our internal experience and choose the meaning we attach is an essential

skill that can either take our life towards growth or towards decay.

Leave nothing but a legacy of service devoted to higher ideals

The purpose of life is to serve. Of all the animate and inanimate objects and creatures on this

planet, only humans have a choice in who and how they want to serve. We can choose to

serve our own ego, or another person, or society or something else. It is up to us. It is the only

legacy we leave behind and it is all that people will remember us for. A purposeful life is a

life devoted in the service of our highest ideals and it continues to inspire people to follow

those ideals long after it is gone. Therefore, choosing the ideals that we want our lives to

represent and choosing how we serve those ideals is one of the most important life decisions

we must make. It is a process of continuous evolution and I firmly believe somewhere deep

inside our psyche, all of us have those ideals embossed in our heart and soul. The moment we

become one with them and actualize it in our service, we feel the joy and fulfilment of our

life’s purpose and leave behind an inspiration for others to follow.

And use nothing but time

While we are all born in different conditions, with different abilities and resources, the only

thing that is truly equal for all of us – rich or poor, sick or healthy, educated or uneducated is

that we all have exactly 24 hours in a day. How we use that time to pursue our ideals or goals

determines the direction and fruition of life. We can choose it to entertain ourselves like most

people do today, devoting significant share of their life to mindless scrolling through social

media feeds. Or we can use it mindfully in pursuit of a worthwhile ideal or goal. Once again,

the choice is ours. Even when we feel powerless and inadequate in our capacity to create any

noticeable impact, devoting just 1 hour in a day towards one goal will compound and

multiply in its effect over time. That’s what time does – it compounds everything that it is

devoted to over a period. Devote it to purposeful activities and its benefits will be multiplied.

Devote it to destructive activities and its harms will also be multiplied.

To conclude, the fundamental units of a purposeful life are composed of empowering

experiences, devoted service to higher ideals and purposeful use of our time to multiply the

effects of our effort. The most important thing is to realize that all these three principles are

governed by our choice that we need to develop the skill and will to use them to our

advantage. It is our choice that determines how we design our life. If we choose our

experiences, service and time mindfully and purposefully, we take our life towards spiritual

and material success. If we choose them mindlessly, we get stuck in the rut and waste our life energies away. It is always up to us!

By Somil Gupta


LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/somilguptaai/

Somil Gupta is an AI entrepreneur and technologist based in Sweden. He endeavors to make meaningful use of artificial intelligence and digital technologies to empower people and communities in solving their societal and ecological challenges. He likes to share his learning and interpretations from his observations in his articles and blogs. 

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