India celebrates its 75th Independence Day, that’s a big milestone. We celebrate the freedom of individual in the country where many religions, languages, race and community exists but everything & everyone united as one nation INDIA, what makes India more united or undivided is  its rich heritage, history, diversity and cultural. 

Anyways what I am going to talk today is beyond everything that I said in the above para, today it’s more about the technology that has united us more and within. The smart mobile adoption is at its peak , last few years have been great for acceptance of technological innovation, startup circles have increased and even the funding is all time high. India is leading the world by innovating solutions in the world of payments like UPI and others. 

75 the Independence Day is special for 2 things for me and the change I am going to talk about is industry disrupters. 1st and foremost the OlA electric scooters, just wow, will talk in details about it. 2nd one is Mahindra launching XUV 700, now you will wonder what’s new in that they have been doing this for years and many of their products have been failures. But I will share my views on that as well.

For me the highlight of this Independence Day was Bhavesh Agrawal (Founder and CEO of Ola) standing on the roof of vast future factory announcing the arrival of India in the technology innovation space and challenging the world that India & Indians are really going not just take part but also lead them. It was revolutionary when he explained the Ola S1 scooters . Now let’s not talk about the features, prices or colours ( although colours are fantastic) let’s discuss the bravery of the team to talk a step up the largest manufacturing unit of 2 W EV across the globe. To setup highly automated future factory , truly using industry 4.0 and and setting up integrated plan is nothing more than moving the mountains. Take a bow Ola team for showing the world that is capable and will lead the battle in making earth a better place to live in near future. Climate change is a real issue and Bhavesh address the objectives of this movement as to fight the global crisis. I am of full opinion that EVs are the future and government is too gearing up heavily to make sure we sail, the entire make in India is to equip, make and enable India towards global leadership in manufacturing. Kudos to Chennai gov to for allowing Ola to setup the future factory in their state.

The second interesting announcement was XUV 700, it’s special because it has come from an Indian conglomerate, its special because its made in India, its special because Indians too can have its 7 seater from the same place where the farmers buy the trackers. I always welcome the change and that’s the only constant in everyone’s life. Mahindra rebranded itself , making the brand more accessible to everyone and at the same time making it premium. The founders of the group work very enthusiastically not only to make good products but takes pride to call it Indian, and that’s why XUV 700 launch on this Independence Day is special for me.

As I said, India is making revolutionary innovation across technologies and the young India is fielding it up with its dedication & hard work. 

Happy Independence Day to all.

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